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Basic information
Photo 1 Company name: PRATO, spol. s r.o.
Company Id. No.: 44267185
VAT No.: CZ44267185

Executives: Ing. Stanislav Mrázek

Contact address (invoicing address):
Nad Santoškou 23,
150 00 Praha 5,
Czech Republic

Plant, store and business office:

Ocelářská 18/900,
190 00 Prague 9,
Czech Republic
Photo 2
Business licences:
Modernization, overhauling and repairs of forging machines and machine tools carried out using industrial method.
Production of machines and equipment.
Production of steel structures and metal-working products.
Locksmithing and tool engineering.
Machining, tinsmithing and painting..
Production, installation and repair of electric machines and instruments and electronic devices.
Assembly, repair and testing of electric equipment..
Storage, load handling and technical operations in transport.
Provision of software, design, construction, advisory and consulting activities.
Mediation of business cases and services, provision of technical services.
Wholesale and retail trade.

Trademarks: Company name and logo are protected, registered in the list of trademarks Record No. 284866 a 284867.
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