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Complete overhauling, restoration and modernisation of machinery for the forging industry, forging mechanical presses, trimming presses, calibrating presses and forging hammers are the main subject of activity of the PRATO company.

Complete overhaul of forging machines are carried out by PRATO with using of the latest knowledge in the technology, the current regulations and standards and with use of new components of the brand name manufacturers. Thanks to the high quality of general overhaul, PRATO guarantees achieving a high value of modernised machines and the same technical parameters as in the case of new machines for affordable prices, including a corresponding warranty provided for the final users. The established system of complete general overhaul and modernisation of forging machines, together with more than seventeen years of PRATO experience, guarantees the correct application of regulations, technical instructions and standards. TÜV certification for the general overhaul and modernization of forging presses confirms compliance with the conditions for granting the CE Declaration of Conformity for the machines delivered after the major overhaul and modernisation made by PRATO.

Forging machines are always tested and inspected in operation and under power after the completed major overhaul and modernisation. A final testing report, confirmed by an independent testing authority proving the performed tests and achieved machine accuracy, always is a part of the attached documentation complying with the CE requirements together with the TÜV type certificate.

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PRATO supplies machines, provides disassembly and assembly of forging presses, calibrating presses, forging hammers, commissions machines for its customers in Europe, North America and Asia and provides a complete warranty and after-warranty service including qualified technical support for the delivered machines.

PRATO complex services also include design activity and preparation of design documentation for the production of machine components, spare parts and special components in accordance with the requirements and needs of the customers for all types of mechanical forging presses from all manufacturers.

PRATO carries out the restoration of forging tools and produces special forging tools according to documentation prepared by the PRATO specialists or on the basis of the documentation provided by the customer.

PRATO production and assembly capabilities are also used for customised production of heavy and large components and special machine parts.

PRATO purchases and sells used machine tools and forming machines, mechanical presses, forging presses, forging hammers and machines for hot forging worldwide and guarantees to its customers successful implementation of the machines to the operation.

PRATO is a member of the Czech Forging Association where industrial forges are partners and important customers of the company.

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