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PRATO production equipment allows the machining and production of large parts and components including the installation, machine testing and equipment test run, not only for the PRATO´s own projects, but also for machining, assembly and testing of large customised special parts and equipment.

Boring and milling operations:
Horizontal boring machine CNMP Berthiez CNC Heidenhain iTNC 530, X=8,000 mm, Y=3,100 mm, Z=1,200 mm, rotary table 60,000 kg, plate clamping field 120,000 kg
Portal machining centre MAXI NORMA CNC Heidenhain iTNC 530 control system, X=2,000 mm, Y= 1,500 mm, Z= 500 mm, table 7,000 kg
Horizontal boring machine TOS H 100 A DRO Acurite, X=1,600 mm, Y=1,120 mm, Z=1,250 mm, table 3,000kg
Horizontal boring machine HURON DRO Acurite, X=1,900 mm, Y=1,000 mm, Z=1,000 mm, table 5,000 kg

Vertical turning operations:
Vertical single-column lathe BERTHIEZ
DRO Acurite, clamping plate diameter of 2,800 mm, max. workpiece diameter 4,800 mm, Y=1,100 mm, max. workpiece height 3,500 mm, max. workpiece weight 40,000 kg
Vertical double-column lathe TOS SK 16 DRO Acurite, clamping plate diameter 1,620 mm, max. workpiece diameter 1,700 mm, Y=800 mm, max. workpiece height 1,380 mm, max. workpiece height 5,000 kg

Turning operations:
Centre lathe ŠKODA SUI 200 - 6000 CNC Heidenhain control system, max. turning diam. 2,200 mm, max.workpiece length 6,000 mm, max. workpiece weight 63,000 kg
Centre lathe TOS SUS 63 - 2000 DRO Acurite, max. turning diam. 655 mm, max. workpiece length 2,000 mm, max. workpiece height 6,000 kg
Centre lathe TOS SUI 50 - 1000 DRO Acurite, max. turning diameter 500 mm, max. workpiece length 1,000 mm,
Centre lathe SEIGER SLZ 400 - 1000 CNC Heidenhain control system, max. turning diam. 400 mm, max.workpiece length 1,000 mm,
Centre lathe TOS SUI 32 - 1000 DRO Acurite, max. turning diam. 320 mm, max. workpiece length 1,000 mm,

Drilling operations:
Radial drilling machine VR 8, max. bore diameter 80 mm
Assembly drilling machine VOM 50, max. bore diameter 50 mm
Drilling machine VS 32 A, max. bore diameter 32 mm
Drilling machine VS 20 A, max. bore diameter 20 mm

Assembly operations:
Clamping assembly and testing steel plates field 16,000 mm x 10,000 mm with load capacity 450,000 kg and height 16 m under the crane with a overhead crane with load capacity 110,000 kg.

Overhead bridge Cranes:
Overhead cranes capacity 1 x 12,500 kg, 2 x 50,000 kg, 1 x 63,000 kg and 1x 110,000 kg .

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