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PRATO carries out the major overhaul of forging presses with use of the latest technology, current regulations and standards and with the use of new components from brand name manufacturers and guarantees achieving technical parameters and specification as on the new machines for afordable prices, including the provided warranty period.

The machine is disassembled and cleaned, complete original paint is removed. The press frame and ram are checked for cracks, functional areas are restored, the press table is machined, new table plates and ram plate are produced. The eccentric shaft is checked for cracks and functional areas are reinforced by burnishing. The connecting rod is checked for cracks and machined, new bronze bushes are installed and fitted precisely according to the machined eccentric shaft. All bronze bushings are replaced with new ones which are installed and fitted. Bronze bushes and guiding bars are always scraped with high precision. The ram or table adjustment mechanism is restored and modernised. The press clutch gear wheel is disassembled and cleaned, bearings are replaced with new ones, gear wheel teeth are renewed or newly machined with a corrected shape of the teeth. The pinion is renewed or a new one is produced with the corrected shape of teeth according to the new shape of teeth on the clutch wheel. The bottom and top ejectors are repaired and modernised in configuration with the mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic control according to the user requirement. The main motor is recovered, bearings are replaced, the wiring dried and the motor is tested. The motor plate is repaired or replaced with a new one, the pulley is restored and belts are replaced with new ones. The system for the air control and regulation is replaced including new air supply lines for control of the clutch and brake with new air tanks with TÜV certification and protocol. The central lubrication system is replaced, the functions of the lubrication systems are controlled from the PLC machine control system.

Machine modernisation also includes new controls utilising PLC Siemens Simatic S7, a system of distributed I/O, safety PLC Telemecanique, safety cam switch with absolute press ram position sensor, safety ram support and guards for the press working area. All installations throughout the machine are replaced with new ones. A forging force indication system with read out directly on the press panel display is installed and its calibration is carried out..

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Machines are always tested under power in all operation modes after the completed major overhaul and modernisation. The final testing report, confirmed by an independent testing authority, proving the performed tests and achieved machine accuracy, always forms a part of the attached technical documentation. The introduced system of a complete major overhaul and modernisation of forging presses guarantees the correct application of directives, technical regulations and standards.

The TÜV type certificate confirms compliance with the conditions for issuing the CE Declaration of Conformity; warranty and over-warranty service including technical support are provided for the supplied machines.

The same press geometry and precision is guaranteed after repair as in the case of a new machine.

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