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PRATO designs documentation for the repair and renovation of forging presses with the utilisation of CAD Software Autodesk® Inventor™ which offers a complete set of tools for production, validation and documentation of complete digital prototypes that allow visualisation, simulation and analysation of the function of components in real conditions.

Production documentation is prepared according to original components or on the basis of customer requirements for execution of modifications to the machines after their modernisation.

PRATO provides technological design documentation for the installation of forging lines, modernisation of complete working stations using forging machines, including their set up with components for the automation and robotisation of forging operations.

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PRATO prepares design documentation for modernisation of operation control of forging presses with the use of CAD Software Eplan Electric P8 that offers the full utilisation of the latest technologies from the field of power and control circuits, and creation of interactive schemes with full integration of other documents (manuals, data sheets).

Fully structured documentation including generation of a list of components, PLC, cables etc., layout of components in switchboards and links with the company information system are a guarantee of the qualified execution of system control modernisation, fully in compliance with all CE requirements and other standards for forging machines.

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