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250127 - ŽĎAS LVH 1600 E-Mail Print Pdf
250127 - ŽĎAS LVH 1600
Catalog Nr.: 250127
Category: Screw press
Machine: LVH 1600
Producer: ŽĎAS
Production: 1985
Condition: 100% - CE
Screw Press with Hydraulic Drive with unique design intended for precision die forging and cold forming, sizing, straightening and bending operations. Press is especially designed for eccentric load during die forging operations. In the base is turning screw with flywheel placed below the floor, ram is rigid design set to the motion by two hydraulic cylinders placed on the bottom part of the frame. The press is driven by hydraulic power unit with two pumps and accumulators. Machine is controlled by PLC Siemens S7 control. Top and down hydraulic ejectors.

Technical details:
Rated deformation force (t): 1600
Number of ram strokes (1/min): 22
Ram impact rated energy (kgm): 20000.0
Ram stroke (mm): 450.0
Working area of bed (mm x mm): 950.0x960.0
Working area of table (mm x mm): 950.0x1120.0
Passage (mm): 970.0
Shutheight (mm): 560.0
Output of main motor (kW): 120.0
Lenght of the machine (mm): 2500.0
Widht of the machine (mm): 1150.0
Height of the machine (mm): 3000.0
Weight of the machine (kg): 58000.0

Flywheel Energy = 20 000 kgm, Screw diameter = 400 mm, Ram speed = 1 m/s. Machine after complete Major overhaul and modernization made by PRATO according to CE, control system Siemens S7-300, forging force registration and indication system with machine precision as new with protocol.
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